6077 A Fine Locomotive

6077 A Fine Locomotive
Northern Ontario Rails in Colour is a Nickel Belt Rails publication. The book includes almost three hundred beautiful colour images covering railway operations from the Manitoba border to Quebec and from Lake Simcoe north to salt water at Moosoneee. This photo, by Jim McRae, was taken soon after the official establishment of VIA Rail Canada while equipment from CP and CN was showing up in combined trains. This evening shot was taken at the Sudbury CPR station.

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Nickel Belt Rails 2015 Catalogue
Nickel Belt Rails 2015 Catalogue

An updated catalogue of Nickel Belt Rails publications is now available. The railway history publisher's titles include:

Northern Ontario Rails in Colour — $40.00
A Fine Locomotive — $20.00
From Abbey to Zorra via Bagdad — $45.00
Sudbury Electrics & Diesels — $25.00
The Sudbury Streetcars — $20.00
Algoma Rails — $40.00
More Black Bear Tracks — $20.00
A National Passenger Chronicle
Volume 1 (Series Premiere) - $10.00
Volume 2 - Sorry, Out of Print
Volume 3 - $25.00
Volume 4 - $35.00

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Images from Northern Ontario Rails in Colour 

CP 1405 Mink Tunnel, D'Arcy Furlonger : A 1973 shot of The Canadian on the north shore of Lake Superior.

VIA RDC, Jeff Keddy: The Sudbury-White River train at one of its multiple stops in 2009.

More Black Bear Tracks, The Algoma Central Railway Then and Now, by Dale Wilson, Nickel Belt Rails

Nickel Belt Rails latest book tells the
story of the Algoma Central Railway.
(Nov. 19, 2013) Nickel Belt Rails is pleased to announce the publication of our latest book, "More Black Bear Tracks, The Algoma Central Railway, Then & Now".

The ACR has gone through many changes in its more than a century of life. There were grand plans, tough financial times, long years of grinding low revenues yet high hopes for better times.

Iron mining on the line revived with the coming of World War II and it was a very different world for decades. As well, taking advantage of the magnificent Algoma scenery, the railway set up a significant Agawa Canyon Tour business, attracting thousands of new customers.